Rules for winter league 2019-2020

Rhode Island Disc League  |

1) 11th Edition Rules 

2) Games are played to time, not to a score!  highest score at the end of the game wins.  games can end in a tie!

3) stall will be to 7!  Pick calls come back in on 3 (for anything over 3), contested stalls come in on 5.  

4) cleats are allowed!!  No metal cleats, however.

5) no "make it, take it";  after a score, drop the disc and the other team takes over.  

6)  Substitutions take place after scores, not on the fly.  Be sure to make subs quick to avoid wasting time.

7) No substitutions in the last 90 seconds of the game! 

For warwick:

A) we will play 5 v 5 all season;  ratio will be 3 men, 2 women.

b) Walls and glass are considered in!  Netting and rafters are out.

For tiverton:

a) we will play 6 v 6 all season;  ratio will be 5 men, 1 woman.  We will occasionally play 4/2 ratio for a few points a game, depending on the number of women present.

B) all netting will be considered out of bounds

C) There will be 2 halves, with a short halftime around 9pm.